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If you’re looking to buy or sell a home or property, Redmond Washington Real Estate is the place to begin your search. We offer here the tools that you’ll need in making a decision, such as new homes and MLS listings.

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Redmond Washing is one of the more affluent areas of the state, because of the high tech industry and jobs in the area. Education is taken seriously in Redmond, and as such, it boasts great test scores and a very safe community.

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Distressed Redmond Real Estate:

For those who have patience, a distressed home can be the best way to go. Most listings are put into two different groups, foreclosures and short sales. Short sales may be a better deal, but they usually take much longer to make the purchase happen. Foreclosures are not as volatile, and are usually just a good deal all around.

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Purchasing a home can be difficult, especially sorting through what type of real estate you want to buy in Redmond. So what we’ve done for you, is broken real estate into different categories, from new homes in Redmond, to land, or a good old condo. Take your time comparing listings to choose what is right for you to relocate to Redmond!

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Sometimes knowing the neighborhood you want to live in can be the easiest way to home shop. Neighborhoods typically have homes within a certain price range, you may already know that you enjoy the people in the area, and so on. So we’ve made listings in the most popular neighborhood below.

About Redmond Washington

Redmond Washington has been revered by many as one of the most friendly places to live in northwest Washington. People here are genuine hard working people. If you are a computer wiz, then you’ll probably fit right in when you live in Redmond. Welcome to the Microsoft capitol of the United States.

Redmond is also a very athletic area. As well as Microsoft and Nintendo, it is known for bike racing. Residents here enjoy the temperate weather, and continue to stay active in the cold winter months.